Useful Scanning Tip: Split

We’ve already know that two scanned images can be merged into one. But if you want to divide a scanned image into several ones, and save them individually? It’s time for the ‘Split’ function.

The ‘Split’ function is to divide a scanned image into several equal parts. Each equal part can be saved as an individual image. You may select to split the image horizontally or vertically, you may also specify the output orders of the split images.

Take Plustek DocAction as an example, you have to tick the checkbox of Split function, and select Horizontally or Vertically


Then click Global Settings button, and tick the checkbox of Enable specify split sequence option on the Split tab


The numbers in the illustration figure show the current image output order of each equal part. To configure the desired output order, clicking on the number to clear the existing output order, and then clicking on each equal part to specify the output order.

However, if you need to divide a image unequally, this function couldn’t help 🙁

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