OpticFilm 120 Pro is even smarter, the focus is adjustable!!

Today we would like to introduce you the function of Lens Calibration Tool for OpticFilm 120 Pro.

Everyone is looking forward to the launching of OpticFilm 120 Pro multi-format film scanner. It converts 35mm negatives, slides, and 120 roll films from 6×4.5 cm up to 6×12 cm to JPEG, Tiff, PSD digital files. OpticFilm 120 Pro is upgraded to USB 3.0 supported, which greatly increases the image data transfer speed. Plustek’s exclusive Lens Calibration Tool allows you to manually adjust the focus of the lens to eliminate focus variations because of film flatness and slide mount variability. OpticFilm 120 Pro is quite smart, isn’t it?

This process takes about 20 minutes for 35mm film, exact complete time varies depending on the resolution and the film size you’ve selected.

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