Really want to go abroad~~~

Because of COVID-19, traveling abroad is completely impossible! Since you can’t leave the country, please take out your passport and scan it by yourself!!

Let’s get back to the reality

Today we would like to introduce our latest ID scanner–the Plustek SecureScan X-Cube. It is a compact and stylish MRTDs (Machine Readable Travel Documents) scanner, designed to capture and verify relevant data, compliant with ICAO Doc 9303 standards TD1 size, and reduce the chance of human error, resulting in the reduction in check-in time, increasing traffic flow and more accurate customer profile data. The most important thing is that Plustek provide complete SDKs to system integrator, enables easy integration into almost any kiosk architecture.  

We have many solutions to meet your MRTD/MRZ recognition needs

We are at your service!

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