★★★★★ Excellent Scanner for Artwork

User: JAMES S.

James Schultz from TX – USA, is a part-time artist who has always loved drawing. He also works as an engineer for NASA. In the last several years, he has picked up drawing again to draw realistic graphite pencil drawings of people, scenery, and animals. He tries to make his drawings look like photographs.

Country: USA

Product:  OpticPro A320L A3 Flatbed Scanner

User Review:
Purchased scanner for scanning realistic graphite pencil drawings. The scanner does a great job and the software is great for managing contrast, resolution, light, etc. Artwork scans can be seen on FineArtAmerica website (drawings by James Schultz) for Ocean Dip, India Princess, and India Moonlight Swim Drawings using this scanner. The price of the scanner was reasonable for a CCD technology scanner which is required for scanning artwork. I hope the scanner is reliable and lasts a long time.

Source: Adorama

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