My scanned image is different from the original. What should I do?

When you find the color of the scanned image is very different from the color of the original document, the red is not red enough, the white is not true white. Or it seems like there are thin straight lines on the scanned image. Or the crop becomes inaccurate, and there is a black border on the scanned image. What to do??

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through three magic tips to bring the original image back !!

First of all, you may reset the scan settings to default. Default scan settings are basically the optimal settings from factory, reset the scan settings to default may help to get the image back. For example, if you are using DocAction program, you may click Default and Apply button to reset the scan settings.

Paper powder, dust, ink and toner from paper being scanned may make the inner ADF dirty, which leads to poor image quality or document-feeding errors. When this happens, it’s time for scanner cleaning! For example, if you are using PS186, you may clean the ADF glass, the feed roller and the pad module with the cleaning cloth included with the product.

Last but not least, please calibrate the scanner with the calibration sheet to adjust the color difference. Perform scanner calibration from the Calibration Wizard. For example, if you are using PS186, find the Calibration Wizard as the following:

Until now, if you are still facing the abnormal images problem, please give us a ring or chat with us online during business hours!!

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