Excellent A3 Book Scanner, Great for Scanning Bound Collections

Do you need help to handle book preservation? Don’t you know how to choose a book scanner? The well reputed OpticBook A300 Plus is a scanner specially designed for high usage environments. It is suitable for librarians to scan the library collection, and it is also suitable for general readers to digitize books that are not often used. Together with Plustek eBookScan solution, this scanner allows user to quickly scan book collections and create eBooks.

OpticBook A300 Plus can scan an A3 sized page in about 2.48 seconds or a 200 page 8.5 x 11” book in about 20 minutes. The special book-edge design scans book pages without the spine shadow and distorted text associated with book scanning on flatbed scanners or copiers. The included Book Pavilion book scanning software automatically crops and rotates pages and then saves to your choice of file formats including PDF, searchable PDF, EPUB, BMP, JPG and TIF. Plustek’s patent pending SEE™ (Shadow Elimination Element) Technology integrates mechanical, optical, and software technologies to provide clear images within 2 mm of the book spine. Shadows and text distortion found on books scanned by traditional scanners and copiers are eliminated. There is no need to remove book pages from their binding.

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