How to clean the filmstrips?

Dust is everywhere, even if the filmstrips that are wrapped and have been carefully collected, it is still unavoidable to get dust, not to mention the old filmstrips that have been stored for many years! Therefore, before using the film scanner to scan, we must first tell you the ideal way to clean the film!

First, clean your hands and wear clean, lint-free gloves. Take out the film and put it in the film holder. If it is difficult to take the filmstrips out of the film bag while wearing gloves, you can use a tweezer to help and gently take the filmstrips out.

Use an anti-static brush to lightly brush the filmstrips, and remember to brush on both sides! The anti-static dust removal brush is specially used to clean fine objects and equipment such as lenses, filmstrips, scanners, cameras, etc. The soft natural hairs and conductive synthetic fibers can effectively remove dust and lint!

Then use the Rocket Blower to blow off the tiny dust attached on the filmstrips, and please also remember to blow on both sides of the filmstrips. The Rocket Blower is safer than the compressed air, since the blowing force can be controlled to avoid damage to the filmstrips!

If there is still dirt on the filmstrips that cannot be removed, you may need to consider buying a cleaning solution such as PEC-12 that is specifically designed to clean the filmstrips!

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