Easy to Setup and Easy to Run, Great ADF Scanner for Home Workers

Do you work at home or having a home office? Do you have the needs to scan barcode documents, receipts, bills and business cards? Plustek SmartOffice PS186 is a scanner specially designed for home office scanning. It is easy to setup and great for home workers.

Using SmartOffice PS186 to scan documents (25 pages per minute) allows you to efficiently manage documents either at work or at home. The simple and easy-to-use user interface of the bundled software DocAction II let you to easily get started. You can set and save multiple scan profiles according to your needs. SmartOffice PS186 is suitable for SOHO and home users. Its compact design and complete functions can help you easily handle office documents, receipt organization and bill storage.

Many US Amazon members purchased and tested PS186 scanner; they feltsatisfied with this scanner. Bill thought this scanner was speedy, Natalie liked its small and compact design, Hana absolutely loved this scanner, and Braznell definitely recommended this scanner to the SOHO.

No. 1 User Review: Bill / USA / Amazon Customer

Unlike so many other scanners I’ve owned, this one is simple to setup and operate. The software is clear and it is easy to set various profiles e.g., high quality color with OCR or low quality black and white with no OCR. It is speedy too.

No. 2 User Review: Natalie / USA / Amazon Customer

Took a few minutes to find the ideal setting for what I needed. I’m a lawyer and I send my paralegal to scan discovery documents at the opposing attorney’s office. Saves me tons of paper storage space, toner, folders, and paper. Small and compact, it fits in a typical backpack/rolling file box.

No. 3 User Review: Hana Maruki / USA / Amazon Customer

I’ve only have had this scanner few days. But I absolutely love it. It’s compact but it does job! I’m so happy that can finally organize all my papers in my house. It so worth to pay to have this little guy.

No. 4 User Review: Braznell / USA / Amazon Customer

This Plustek (albeit small), can handle large stacks of paper (50shts at a time) and scans very quickly (2 seconds a page) at 200dpi/grayscale. We do not scan much in color, but when we do it at 300dpi, it doubles the scan time to about 4 seconds a page. We definitely recommend for the SOHO.

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