Plustek ADF Document Scanners Help Banorte Greatly Increase Work Efficiency in Banks’ Client Transaction Workflow

Banorte is a leading banking and financial services holding company in Mexico. Ranking as one of the top 5 banks in Mexico, Banorte has 1300 branches and hire around 27,000 employees.

The bank staff have many bank documents and forms to scan into their systems in their day-to-day operations, including service contracts, account opening application form, mortgage contract, credit agreement, financial documents, documents sent by the governments, … In addition to the paper documents, they also need to scan the bank clients’ ID cards, plastic work ID card or driver’s license. These documents and cards are varied in sizes and thickness.

The bank staff put all form documents of the same client transaction to the scanner tray to scan to digital files in one batch, and then the scanned files are automatically routed to the bank’s data capture system for further processing including recognition and classification. The extracted data are sent to the bank’s system databases afterwards.


The scanner is the starting and also a critical point of of this workflow. There are several challenges to the scanner.

First off, the bank staff do not want to take the troubles of separating documents by their sizes to scan in different batches. They want to put all form documents that belong to the same client to the scanner tray and scan in one batch, which means the documents that are put into the scanner tray are of mixed sizes and different thickness. Moreover, plastic cards in addition to paper documents are required to scan in the bank’s workflow. This means the scanner must have superior media handling capability and be built with the mechanism to prevent multi-feeds (and alert in case of multi-feeds).

Next, the form documents that are fed into the scanner tray are of different sizes. The scanner must intelligently detect the sizes of the documents (or cards) and automatically crop the images correctly. Some documents have colored background. The texts may be light, which is not unusual in forms completed by hand. The scanner should have background removal and character enhancement capabilities to optimize the scanned images. This means the scanner does more than transforming paper documents to digital files. The scanner must include excellent image processing and enhancements technologies. Good quality of scanned images can increase the accuracy of the recognition and data extraction processes of the back end system.


Plustek SmartOffice PS406U standed out among the many scanners that the bank tested. The SmartOffice PS406U scanner is built with an ADF (automatic document feeder) that you can feed mixed documents or multiple cards in its ADF tray to scan in one batch. It comes with the TWAIN driver and the DocAction software which has won the Outstanding Achievement in Scan Profile Utility Design” award from Buyers Lab. It is also featured with ultrasonic multi-feed detection to alert the staff in case multiple pages are fed simultaneously into the ADF. Banorte started to deploy Plustek SmartOffice PS406U scanner in every bank branches in 2014.

Having fully satisfied with the reliability and performance of Plustek SmartOffice scanners, Banorte decided to add another new Plustek scanner, SmartOffice PS3140U, in their new equipment renovation project in April 2020. Until now, over 8,000 units of Plustek SmartOffice PS406U / PS3140U scanners are deployed at Banorte bank branches nationwide in Mexico

Executive Summary:

Industries: Bank

Country: Mexico

Customer: Banorte, one of the top five banks in Mexico.

Challenge: The bank staff have many and diversified bank documents and forms to scan into their systems in their day-to-day operations. They also need to scan plastic cards like ID cards in their workflow. These documents and cards are varied in sizes and thickness. These bring big challenges to the scanner’s media handling capability and image processing/enhancement technologies.

Solution: Deploy Plustek ADF document scanners at each every Banorte bank branches. Banorte started from SmartOffice PS406U scanners in 2014, and added SmartOffice PS3140U scanners in 2020 in their new renovation project. Over 8,000 units of Plustek SmartOffice ADF scanners are deployed at Banorte bank branches nationwide in Mexico.

Results: The bank staff can efficiently scan customers’ ID cards and form documents of varied sizes and thickness at the service points without hassle. Good quality of scanned images are sent to the bank’s back end system for further processing.

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