Great Value and Super Fast! Excellent A3 Flatbed Scanner for Artwork

Do you need to scan large-sized documents, graphics or artwork? Do you know the benefits of the flatbed scanner? Plustek OpticPro A320L is an A3 Flatbed scanner specially designed for large-format and high-resolution graphic scanning. It is easy to set up and use; users can quickly get extremely good results.

Plustek OpticPro A320L is ideal to safely scan fragile artwork and documents. The flatbed design allows you to scan both thick paper and damaged objects. It is perfect for important and precious original file scan. With the CCD technology, OpticPro A320L provides accurate color scanning results and clear artwork images. This scanner is suitable for artists, graphic designers and photo organizers.

Stan, Orlando and James purchased this scanner from Adorama in USA. Stan was very pleased because virtually everything was configurable and worked great. Orlando felt the scanner worked fast with very little noise. The NASA engineer James Schultz from TX – USA, was a part-time artist who drawn realistic graphite pencil drawings of people, scenery, and animals. He used this scanner scanned his own pencil drawings and he said the price of this scanner was reasonable for a CCD technology scanner which was required for scanning artwork. Ron bought this scanner from B&H in USA; he thought this scanner is fast and about half the weight of similar scanners.

No. 1 User Review: Stan / USA / Adorama Customer

I purchased this scanner to digitize my archive of documents and have been very pleased so far. What’s really good about this scanner aside from the good quality scans is the very open software. Virtually everything is configurable and works great. So far I have been able to get pretty much exactly what I want. Being able to scan using the customizable buttons, storing PDF’s directly to my server without having to touch the attached computer is great. As for the physical design, unlike most scanners the top surface is virtually flat, including the glass. That allows for easy scanning of large documents: no pushing the documents down into a scan well. Only had it a few weeks as of this writing but so far it is behaving extremely well.

No. 2 User Review: ORLANDO B. / USA / Adorama Customer

A very good scanner especially for scanning my original penciled comic book page sequential. The details are scanned exactly in color and in and grey scale. The scanner works fast with very little noise. A great piece of equipment it is all hands down.

No. 3 User Review: JAMES S. / USA / Adorama Customer

Purchased scanner for scanning realistic graphite pencil drawings. The scanner does a great job and the software is great for managing contrast, resolution, light, etc. Artwork scans can be seen on FineArtAmerica website (drawings by James Schultz) for Ocean Dip, India Princess, and India Moonlight Swim Drawings using this scanner. The price of the scanner was reasonable for a CCD technology scanner which is required for scanning artwork. I hope the scanner is reliable and lasts a long time.

No. 4 User Review: Ron / USA / B & H Photo Video Customer

This scanner is FAST. The colors are nearly spot on, with true gray grays. Depth of field is great. Scanner is about half the weight of similar scanners. Only had it a few days, but have not found any troubles with it yet.

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