Why is ePhoto Z300 so Popular? Lifesaver for Saving Old Photos to Digital Format

Do you need to bring your photos back to life? Do you know the best way to convert your photo prints to digital files? Plustek ePhoto Z300 is a photo scanner specially designed for high-speed photo scanning. At a speed of 2 seconds per 4”x6” photo, you can convert 1000 photos to digital files in just few hours.

Plustek ePhoto Z300 is ideal to quickly scan photos. It can also scan documents, too. Converting your photo prints and documents to digital files is so easy by using ePhoto Z300. The automatic scan feature of ePhoto automatically scans photos or documents as soon as they were inserted into the scanner. After each photo or document is scanned, it is ejected and ePhoto is ready to scan another photo or document. This feature makes ePhoto much more efficient than a flatbed scanner.

Many people purchased ePhoto Z300 scanner from Amazon and B&H Photo Video in USA. Linda wasextremely happy with this scanner and recommended it for storing paper photos to digital. Callihan anddaughter both bought the scanner and felt great. Lisa Martin loved this scanner so much because it scanned so fast and it was so easy to use. Jimmy Mitchell highly recommended this scanner because this was the best product producing great looking scans and was very easy to use. Robert has scanned over a thousand photos and this scanner works perfectly.Dennis also scanned over 1000 pictures from recent pictures to 60 year old black and white and very pleased with the quality. Neil felt this scannerwas very easy to learn how to use. Stephen said this scanner was a good machine because it could easily scan 1000 photos in an afternoon!

No. 1 User Review: Linda P. / USA / Amazon Customer

I am extremely happy with this scanner. I am a ‘Baby-Boomer’ and back in the day we did not have digital photos, so I have thousands of photos in boxes in need of saving, and this product is doing just that. The installation of the software was easy and un-complicated. It literally takes only seconds to scan a photo. I have not printed out any photos but they look good on my computer. I have now scanned over 1k photos and I have only had this scanner for 1 week. I recommend it for storing paper photos to digital.

No. 2 User Review: Callihan / USA / B&H Photo Video Customer

I bought this product to digitize all of my old 4 X 6 prints and it has more than filled the bill. It is very fast and even if a print scans crooked, it will be straight on the screen. The 300 dpi optical resolution is adequate for viewing scanned photos on a computer screen. In those rare instances where I wish to have a large format print made, I have saved negatives and coordinated their filed location with the file folders containing the corresponding digital image. My daughter does scrapbooking and borrowed the scanner for a scrapbooking weekend. Everyone wanted to know when she got the scanner. After she returned the scanner to me, she bought one of her own. It can also be used to scan receipts which can then be saved in PDF format. Great product!

No. 3 User Review: Lisa Martin / USA / Amazon Customer

I have only had it for a few weeks and so far, I love it so much! It scans so fast and it’s so easy to use. I create slideshows as a hobby and have to scan a lot of photos…this cuts my scanning time down tremendously! I do notice that I need to adjust the sharpness regularly, but it’s really easy to do with the software that comes with it; It could just be my preference though. I have even just scanned whole pages of the skinny type photo books without having to remove the photos or plastic cover and they turn out great. I don’t review products often, but so far this one is a keeper…I just hope it can withstand the heavy usage I will put it through!

No. 4 User Review: Jimmy Mitchell / USA / Amazon Customer

As a baby boomer with tons of photos, this is the best product producing great looking scans and is very easy to use. I love the self-cropping feature and the fact that you just feed the photos in and not have to use a flatbed scanner. It also works great for other document scanning needs and saves in several formats. With thousands of photos to scan, this made the job so much easier. I highly recommend this scanner!!

No. 5 User Review: Robert E. / USA / Amazon Customer

I realized the common thread with all the other photo scanners was a lack of decent software coding, so I gave the Plustek scanner a shot. To date, I have scanned well over a thousand photos and it works perfectly. It straightens the ones I fed in a bit crooked, it is fast and produces a very good picture. This model is a great tool for cleaning out those shoeboxes of photos. I like the auto feed method too.

No. 6 User Review: Dennis / USA / B&H Photo Video Customer

Scanned over 1000 pictures from recent pictures to 60 year old black and white and very pleased with the quality. Unit is fast, two seconds a picture and not one picture jammed. Easy to use and to put pictures in a computer file.

No. 7 User Review: Neil / USA / B&H Photo Video Customer

I bought this scanner because I wanted to digitize over one thousand old family photos. The scan function of my printer was told slow and cumbersome. This scanner is just what I needed. It scans each photo in about two seconds and is very easy to learn how to use. It scans to jpg or pdf so it can also be used for documents.

No. 8 User Review: Stephen / USA / B&H Photo Video Customer

Over the last 10 years I have scanned about 2000 old family photos, some going back to the 1920’s. Very time consuming with a flatbed scanner. I needed something a lot faster to continue my project in finishing digitizing the family photos. The Plustek e-photo was in my price range. The scans to my eye were right on. The speed of 2 seconds scanning photo were correct. The scans download to the photo app as fast as you can feed the machine. You can easily scan 1000 photos in an afternoon. Good machine!

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