Brief Introduction of DocAction

We have already introduced a lot of DocAction scanning tips previously. It seems that we haven’t had the chance to introduce this scanning software that comes with most of our products. Allow us to take some time talking briefly about the DocAction program today!

The DocAction program is simply easy, seamlessly integrating the operation of your scanner with your computer and other peripherals, provides a quick and convenient way to perform various scanning functions. With DocAction, you don’t need to adjust settings every time you scan. Simply press any button on the scanner’s front panel or click any scanning menu item of DocAction on the screen. The scanner starts to scan your paper documents and transfer them to your assigned destination. The destination can be a printer, your e-mail program, files on your disk drives, an image-editing program, etc.

The following scanning functions are available:

  • OCR–Converts the scanned images into an editable text file or a text-searchable pdf file.
  • File–Scans documents or images and saves them to desired destination.
  • Scan–Scans documents or images to a linked image-editing application programs for viewing or post processing.
  • Copy–Scans documents or images directly to the printer without saving them to your hard drive, making it ideal for getting a quick copy of a document or image.
  • E-Mail–Scans documents or images directly to your e-mail program and automatically creates a new message with the image files attached.
  • PDF–Scans documents and recognizes letters on a page, then write them into a text-searchable pdf file.
  • FTP–Scans documents or images and saves them to the FTP server.

Is this introduction simple and clear?!

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