Plustek OpticSlim 1680 Received Best Buy Award and Most Wanted Award from Tutto Digitale Magazine

If you need to scan up to A3- or tabloid-sized drawings, documents, magazines, newspaper, scrapbooks, …, the Plustek OpticSlim 1680 scanner is your top choice, according to the November 2020 issue of Tutto Digitale magazine.

Tutto Digitale is one of the leading Italian media about hi-tech, photography, video, digital cinema, editing and 3D. Founded in 1998, Tutto Digitale magazine is available in both paper edition and electronic versions.

After extensive testing and evaluation, Tutto Digitale gave the coveted Best Buy and Most Wanted awards to Plustek OpticSlim 1680 scanner. Click here to view the complete review.

The Plustek OpticSlim 1680 is a flatbed scanner with 1200 dpi high optical resolution. It’s super fast, taking only 5 seconds to scan an A3-sized drawing in 300 dpi color mode, and only 3 seconds for 300 dpi grayscale or B/W mode.

You can simply press one of the four buttons on the scanner to quickly complete your scanning tasks, by pre-configuring the desired scanning and save settings in the bundled award-winning Plustek DocAction software (Outstanding Achievement in Scan Profile Utility Design award from Buyers Lab).

The built-in image enhancement technology will automatically crop and deskew the images too.

Let’s take a look at this video to explore what’s more in OpticSlim 1680 to help you efficiently digitize your drawings, documents, newspaper, etc..

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