Magic Protection Sheet

Today we would like to talk about an useful scanning tool, the magic protection sheet!

A protection sheet, you can also call it a carrier sheet, is a transparent plastic jacket which is used for scanning fragile documents. It allows you to scan a document that is not easy to load into the ADF scanner. For example, paper with an odd (non-rectangular) shape, wrinkles, curls, folds, as well as stamps, magazine and newspaper clippings. You can also use the protection sheet when you scan photographs and valuable documents so they won’t be scratched. And the scan quality stays the same due to the specific texture of the sheet.

A3 format documents can also be digitised with an A4 scanner thanks to the protection sheet. You may fold the A3 document, put the folded A3 document into the protection sheet and scan from both the front and the rear side. The software will then create one document merged from both scanned sides automatically.

Take DocAction software as an example, you have to adjust the following settings:

  1. Select ADF (Duplex) as Scan Typeand Automatic Size as Page Size.
  2. Tick the check box of Merge Pages.
  3. You can check the radio button of Horizontally or Vertically, to generate a joined image.
  4. Tick the check box of Manual Merging Adjustment, and you can manually shift the merging position of the two scanned pages to rectify any up, down, left or right deviation.

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