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How to password protect the scanned document with DocAction?

If the information on the scanned document is sensitive, you may try to set password to protect the scanned document from being stolen or misopened. Please keep your password safe, if you forget the password, we could not help to open your PDF files.

To password protect you scanned files with DocAction is very easy, you just need to adjust the following settings:

  1. Click PDF icon on the left pane in the Button Configuration window. Click the Configure button in the File Format section.
  1. Click the Setting button in the File Format Configuration window. The color mode should be consistent with the Scan Mode you’ve selected. For example, if you’ve selected Color as Scan Mode, you have to click the Setting button of Color section here.
  1. Click on the Security tab, tick the checkbox of Enable Security. Then tick the checkbox of Passwords required to open the document, and you may set the desired password in the blank column.

After the password is set, you may scan sensitive document and save as the encrypted PDF file. Unless entering the password you’ve set, there is no way to open the scanned file!

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