★★★★★ Good Photo Scanner

Had a quick play with this and the results look very promising. Certainly quick enough scanning at 300 dpi and couldn’t detect much difference in quality on the slower 600 dpi with a basic 6 x 4 film “snap” photo. Software supplied on CD isn’t too bad.

★★★★★ Great Quality – Very Impressed

The quality was great – sleek and robust – great design. Getting it set up was very straight forward. Using it is really good and very intuitive. I would definitely recommend this product and a fast and simple way of scanning photos and documents.

★★★★★ Nice Product

The Plustek is pretty fast, which is the main attraction for me. There’s no “preview” process, and the scanner accepts photos one after the other. The quality is sufficient for my needs. The auto rotate and de-skew works very well most of the time, including on the unevenly cut prints I pulled out of albums.

★★★★★ 10 Out of 10!

Very impressed with the speed and quality of the scans. Old black & white photos show excellent detail, and colour prints are reproduced perfectly compared to what our old scanner could manage.

★★★★★ Great Scanner and Quick

So pleased that I bought this machine. I have a lot of photos that need scanning so that I can put them away but still have them available alongside all my digital photos. One Sunday morning I managed to scan 3,000 + of them. This was on the lowest resolution of 300 and the result was more than acceptable.

★★★★★ Perfect for Scanning Many Photos

Having reviewed the options I settled on the Plustek ePhoto Z300 and I am pleased that I did. Setup was easy. I have a flatbed scanner but chose this for speed and ease of use for scanning many photos and it is a good choice. I have also scanned documents with it. They are also quick and with good results.

★★★★★ Good Choice

I found this Plustek ePhoto z300 scanner to be easy and quick to use. I was amazed at how I buzzed through my photos. Very satisfied. I also scanned some photos that were on cardboard and some old Polaroids and then went right through!

★★★★★ So Far So Good

I have been using the Z300 for about two weeks and, so far, it has worked extremely well. I am impressed by the speed of scanning, for the majority of my old photographs, it is more than adequate. The Z300 will have a dramatic impact on the speed of my archiving thousands of old photographs.