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How to connect the Wi-Fi to your eScan?

Most of you have already witnessed how simple Plustek eScan is! It takes just a few taps on the touchscreen to complete the scanning job. Today we would like to talk about how to connect the Wi-Fi to your eScan. Without the connection of the ethernet cable, you may use eScan anywhere you’d like.

Scan Documents with Sticky Notes

Sometimes there are sticky notes on the document we want to scan, and the content on the sticky notes are also important that must be digitized together. If your scanner is equipped with the function of Multi Feed Detection, this kind of document may not be scanned smoothly. So what should we do?

How to Delete a Job Button?

We’ve introduced how to create a job button in our previous article «Just a tap of a button to get it done!», and we know how to save the whole procedure as a job button. But when you complete the scanning job, how could you delete the job button settings?

Customize your filename at ease

Those who have searched for files know how important the filename is! If the filename is good enough, there will be no difficulty sorting the files. If you can name the scanned files according to your own logic, it must be super easy to find the correct one!

Useful Scanning Tip: Blank Page Split

Today we would like to introduce a useful scanning tip: Blank Page Split.

When you have a larger batch of documents and would like to split them in several PDFs, the Blank Page Split function will do exactly that. Just insert a blank page of paper in between the documents to separate the batch of documents into several files. You can insert as many files!!

Just a tap of a button to get it done!

Plustek eScan is just that easy ! It takes just a few taps on the touchscreen to complete the scanning job. The smartest part is that you may save the whole settings as a job button, including scan modes in simplex or duplex, color or gray scale, resolution, format, and more importantly the destination where the scan will upload. Next time when you scan at the same criteria, you just need a tap of a button.

Add Watermark on the Scanned Images

Adding a watermark to corporate or personal document helps ensure confidentiality and prohibit others from stealing the material.

Plustek eScan standalone network scanner allows you to setup watermark on your digital scans through Text or an Image.

Useful Scanning Tip: Remove Blank Page

If you want to scan a stack of files, some are single-sided and some are double-sided, and you don’t want to manually delete the blank pages one by one after scanning, this “Remove Blank Page” function is very helpful!