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Scanner Maintenance

Scanner Maintenance includes scanner cleaning and calibration. You may complete these two steps to ensure the scanned images quality.

Do you need scanner driver for a new computer? Lost your CD/DVD?

Do you want to connect your Plustek scanner to a different computer? What if the installation CD/DVD is missing or your computer doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive? No problem! You can find the right software and driver on the Plustek support page. 

How to start up from eScan job menu?

In our previous article, we’ve learned how to create eScan job buttons, and also know how to switch from main screen to job menu. Today we would like to introduce a hidden function—how to start up from the job menu.

Useful Scanning Tip: Split

We’ve already know that two scanned images can be merged into one. But if you want to divide a scanned image into several ones, and save them individually? It’s time for the ‘Split’ function.

When Full Text Search is not working properly……

In our previous article, we’ve introduced the powerful trick of scanned document management– FTS full-text search! No matter how small your clues are, you can find the file you are looking for. But if the FTS full-text search function is not working properly, it displayed the garbled texts, what should we do?

What are ppm and ipm?

You may see these abbreviations on scanner specifications, right? But do you know what do ppm and ipm stand for? Let’s talk about some trivia about scanning!

What is IT8 Target?

What exactly is IT8 Target? What are those colored frames for?

Plustek eScan Enterprise – Empower Management Process!

The award-winning standalone network scanner eScan is simply easy. Intuitive interface allows you to self-guided operate without any difficulty. The ease of use and flexibility make eScan ideal for almost any vertical application.