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My scanned image is different from the original. What should I do?

When you find the color of the scanned image is very different from the color of the original document, the red is not red enough, the white is not true white. Or it seems like there are thin straight lines on the scanned image. Or the crop becomes inaccurate, and there is a black border on the scanned image. What to do??

What are those strange stripes on the scanned image?

It is so-called the Moiré Pattern! But do you know how those stripes appear on the scanned images?

Do you need scanner driver for a new computer? Lost your CD/DVD?

Do you want to connect your Plustek scanner to a different computer? What if the installation CD/DVD is missing or your computer doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive? No problem! You can find the right software and driver on the Plustek support page. 

When Full Text Search is not working properly……

In our previous article, we’ve introduced the powerful trick of scanned document management– FTS full-text search! No matter how small your clues are, you can find the file you are looking for. But if the FTS full-text search function is not working properly, it displayed the garbled texts, what should we do?

How to connect the Wi-Fi to your eScan?

Most of you have already witnessed how simple Plustek eScan is! It takes just a few taps on the touchscreen to complete the scanning job. Today we would like to talk about how to connect the Wi-Fi to your eScan. Without the connection of the ethernet cable, you may use eScan anywhere you’d like.

When the ADF does not detect paper….

What should you do when you see the error message ”Cannot find a document” while you’re scanning document with the ADF scanner?

Having trouble scanning to a network folder (SMB) with Windows 7?

Microsoft has recently release KB4480970 / KB4480960 patch updates for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 RS2 SP1, which have been causing issues for users and organizations having difficulties scanning documents to their existing network folder via SMB protocol on the respective Windows… Continue Reading “Having trouble scanning to a network folder (SMB) with Windows 7?”

Frequently Asked Questions about Scanner Calibration

When does the scanner need to be calibrated? ! How to calibrate the scanner? !