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Professional Scanner Likes a Little Workhorse, Great for Office Front Desk Scanning

Do you need to digitize documents, checks, licenses and cards? Do you know how to choose an ADF scanner? Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus is a scanner specially designed to solve your problems. It is a compact desktop scanner which offers fast document digitization through one touch scanning.

Excellent A3 Book Scanner, Great for Scanning Bound Collections

Do you need help to handle book preservation? Don’t you know how to choose a book scanner? The well reputed OpticBook A300 Plus is a scanner specially designed for high usage environments. It is suitable for librarians to scan the library collection, and it is also suitable for general readers to digitize books that are not often used.

★★★★★ Excellent Scanner for Artwork

James Schultz from TX – USA, is a part-time artist who has always loved drawing, and also works as an engineer for NASA. Purchased scanner for scanning realistic graphite pencil drawings. The scanner does a great job and the software is great for managing contrast, resolution, light, etc. The price of the scanner was reasonable for a CCD technology scanner which is required for scanning artwork.

★★★★★ Love this Product

Recent we have needed to speak with people who emailed us forms and asked them to sign and return. We printed, signed, scanned and emailed within minuets! This is amazing. Thank you for saving me time. I love this product.

★★★★★ Quick and Simple!

This is a great scanner for those of us who want to get rid of photo albums and keep everything in a digital format. The install was fast and easy to implement. I have recommended this scanner to several friends–I should get a commission!

★★★★★ Great

It arrived earlier than expected which was wonderful. Works well and easy to use. Useful advice if you are using a thinner grade paper which you use for technical drawing, you might want to add an extra sheet of thicker paper or card so the block out the black cover when scanning, it just gives a clearer image and saves time on editing.

★★★★★ Great Book Scanner

We are a small research library that occasionally needs to scan our books and articles for our digital collections. It worked great. 600dbi archival TIFFs in seconds! I called Plusteck to help with the settings and they were fantastic! Answered on the first ring and they were very helpful. Very little, if any, post-processing required.

★★★★★ No Problems

I recently purchased Plustek OB3800L scanner because I digitize old, out-of-print books. It works great. Modifying the scan settings is very easy, the buttons are well-placed, scans do not have any blurring near a less-than-perfectly-flat spine. It does what I want it to do.