Category: ADF Scanner User Story

★★★★★ This is an Awesome Scanner

This scanner scans very well and the documents look great. The software is easy to use, I save scans as individual documents. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a scanner.

★★★★★ Incredible Device!

Have had the unit about ten days and have scanned well over 100,000 documents! Disposed of about six crates of paper and am still going. Easy to use and switch from single to duplex, color, grey or black and white. Very rarely am I this impressed with new gadgets…This is a workhorse.

★★★★★ Go Paperless

We bought 3 of these and they really help efficiency in the office. I was surprised that they could even handle credit card sized objects without jamming. You can just press the scan button and it will read the document and auto save it to a file. I would recommend it to customers.

★★★★★ Great Value for the Money!!

It was almost as easy as plug and play. For the person who is not a techie, it was a rather easy installation. It goes real well if you follow the directions. I would highly recommend it to others. It is fast and quiet.

★★★★★ You Would Be Surprised How Good This Scanner Is

I’ve only have had this scanner few days. But I absolutely love it. It’s compact but it does job! I’m so happy that can finally organize all my papers in my house. It so worth to pay to have this little guy.

★★★★★ Awesome Scanner. Quick Scanning and Easy to Install.

Awesome scanner. Quick scanning and easy to install. Scanner has 9 default scan files (for the button), so you just need to press a button. If someone asks me to recommend scanner, I will recommend this one.

★★★★★ Great Scanner for the Price

I’m a lawyer and I send my paralegal to scan discovery documents at the opposing attorney’s office. Saves me tons of paper storage space, toner, folders, and paper. Small and compact, it fits in a typical backpack/rolling file box.

★★★★★ Flawless and Super Easy Performance in Scanning Documents

I am very happy with the performance, so far. I need a scanner for documents almost all black and white. Presets are easy to modify to your preference. You can set a particular folder to scan to, scan to file type, and dpi (100-600), etc. for each profile. That works great for me.