Category: ePhoto Z300 User Stories

★★★★★ I Would Buy Again!!

Scanned over 1000 pictures from recent pictures to 60 year old black and white and very very pleased with the quality. Unit is fast, two seconds a picture and not one picture jammed.

★★★★★ Works Perfectly

I have scanned well over a thousand photos and it works perfectly. It straightens the ones I fed in a bit crooked, it is fast and produces a very good picture. This model is a great tool for cleaning out those shoeboxes of photos. I like the auto feed method too.

★★★★★ Great Value Rapid and Accurate Photo Scanner.

This was a great buy, it’s sorted many photos from the 80’s and 90’s for myself, my father in law and Grandmother. It genuinely scans a photo every 2 seconds and shoots them out into a folder on your PC or laptop. Colours are accurate, deep and rich.

★★★★★ Worth Every Penny. Time Saving Was Phenomenal.

This product is easy to set up and easy to use. I think that for most folks that simply want to scan older photos, this is ideal, and the tools to enhance the photos are fine, for me the quality is more than adequate. It really does only take 2 seconds per photo to scan. Would thoroughly recommend this as a product.

★★★★★ Great Scanner

Easy to use – I use it for scanning pictures and documents, simply drop the photo through and it gets scanned. I scan on 300dpi and it takes about 2 secs to scan each pic – perfect for digitizing all those old family photos.

★★★★★ It’s a Brilliant Photo Scanner at a Reasonable Price

It’s a brilliant photo scanner that’s far quicker than a flatbed, at a reasonable price. Does a good job of digitizing all my old photos. Very quick. Really excellent one touch improvement of old wishy-washy faded colour photos.

★★★★★ Good Photo Scanner

Had a quick play with this and the results look very promising. Certainly quick enough scanning at 300 dpi and couldn’t detect much difference in quality on the slower 600 dpi with a basic 6 x 4 film “snap” photo. Software supplied on CD isn’t too bad.

★★★★★ Great Quality – Very Impressed

The quality was great – sleek and robust – great design. Getting it set up was very straight forward. Using it is really good and very intuitive. I would definitely recommend this product and a fast and simple way of scanning photos and documents.