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Easy to Setup and Easy to Run, Great ADF Scanner for Home Workers

Do you work at home or having a home office? Do you have the needs to scan barcode documents, receipts, bills and business cards? Plustek SmartOffice PS186 is a scanner specially designed for home office scanning. It is easy to setup and great for home workers.

Professional Scanner Likes a Little Workhorse, Great for Office Front Desk Scanning

Do you need to digitize documents, checks, licenses and cards? Do you know how to choose an ADF scanner? Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus is a scanner specially designed to solve your problems. It is a compact desktop scanner which offers fast document digitization through one touch scanning.

★★★★★ Love this Product

Recent we have needed to speak with people who emailed us forms and asked them to sign and return. We printed, signed, scanned and emailed within minuets! This is amazing. Thank you for saving me time. I love this product.

Scanner Maintenance

Scanner Maintenance includes scanner cleaning and calibration. You may complete these two steps to ensure the scanned images quality.

★★★★★ This is an Awesome Scanner

This scanner scans very well and the documents look great. The software is easy to use, I save scans as individual documents. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a scanner.

★★★★★ Incredible Device!

Have had the unit about ten days and have scanned well over 100,000 documents! Disposed of about six crates of paper and am still going. Easy to use and switch from single to duplex, color, grey or black and white. Very rarely am I this impressed with new gadgets…This is a workhorse.

★★★★★ Go Paperless

We bought 3 of these and they really help efficiency in the office. I was surprised that they could even handle credit card sized objects without jamming. You can just press the scan button and it will read the document and auto save it to a file. I would recommend it to customers.

★★★★★ Great Value for the Money!!

It was almost as easy as plug and play. For the person who is not a techie, it was a rather easy installation. It goes real well if you follow the directions. I would highly recommend it to others. It is fast and quiet.