Amateur Photographer Magazine gives Testbench Recommended Award to Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE film scanner

Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE is specifically designed to scan 35mm slides and negatives at resolutions up to 7,200 dots per inch (dpi). In a recent issue of Amateur Photographer, Andy Westlake, the technical editor, thoroughly reviewed the OpticFilm 8200i SE hardware and software. If you are about to digitize your collection of 35mm films, you can get informative advice about the scanner in his review.

Great Tools for Book Digitization

Among all different kinds of book scanners on the market, a zero-edge design book scanner is very helpful for book scanning. Plustek offers dedicated book-scanner series with the unique zero-edge design allow you to easily perform book scanning. The special edge design eliminates the book spine shadow and text distortion of thick books while scanning. This revolutionary technology efficiently let you scan a book page to the edge of the spine and get clear image scan results.

Simple eBook Creation

More and more people are glad to read virtual books using laptops and mobile devices at work, at school, or at home. Compare to the physical books, the portability is the unbeatable advantage of eBooks. The searchable text is a great benefit to all eBook lovers. eBook creation workflow shows the simple steps to make eBooks.

Why Digitize Your Books

Scanning books helps to archive book collections and preserve valuable knowledge. eBooks allow you to instantly find the desired information to save time for your research, study and business. Scan and convert your books to audio books and let the book reader read books to you.

Scan to Make eBooks Now

Reclaim your precious free time, take advantage of the fact that eBooks can be read anytime, anywhere on a mobile device and leave the books at home. Not only can eBooks save your last reading position, but you can also highlight or insert notes right where you are reading to emphasize important parts.