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Sorry to be late!

Sorry for keep all photography enthusiasts waiting. The OpticFilm 120 Pro Digital Darkroom, which has won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2020, is finally coming to the market.

What is IT8 Target?

What exactly is IT8 Target? What are those colored frames for?

Save Life Photos and Relive Every Moment Bit by Bit

Everybody has a lot of paper and digital photos, with each photo recording a life experience and feeling. Nobody wants poorly preserved photos, except most people don’t know how to properly organize and preserve these precious life assets.

Six Reasons Why You Should Digitize Photos and Films Right Now!

Photos faithfully record the traces of our lives along the way. Over time, our memories will begin to fade and blur. However, every time you look at your pictures you can relieve those life experiences and feelings. It can be said that photos really are our life’s treasures, but where do you put these precious treasures?

Plustek OpticFilm 120 Pro wins the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award 2020

Taiwan Excellence Award, known as the Oscar of the Taiwanese industry, attracts thousands of products to sign up every year. With its innovative and user-centered design, Plustek OpticFilm 120 Pro has won the coveted Taiwan Excellence Award for its outstanding design quality in the competitive Electronics and Communication category!

New Lucky Winners of the Plustek Connect LAB-BOX Competition

Good news or bad news: which do you want first?

Winners of the Plustek Connect LAB-BOX Competition

Here is the long-awaited moment.

Who are the new owners of these lovely, gorgeous LAB-BOX prizes?

New Entry to LAB-BOX Competition Is Closed

Thank you for your participation to the LAB-BOX competition.  New entries for the competition are closed.