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Video Guide to Film Scanning – Scanning 35mm Negatives & Slides with Plustek OpticFilm

Do you feel it’s really difficult to edit the scan images? Can you find the exact edit function in the software? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a series of tutorial videos to guide you through the editing software step by step. Whether you want to adjust the brightness or remove the scratches, the answer is right here.

Schedule Update on LAB-BOX Competition

Here’s an update to the delivery schedule and competition entry deadline for Plustek’s competition prizes “20 sets of LAB-BOX + 2 Modules (135 and 120) (value €109)”.

As per the recent notice received from the LAB-BOX creator ars-imago, they expect the shipment will be by the end of this summer. 

Good things are worth waiting for. We therefore also extend the closing date for competition entries to this summer when ars-imago starts to ship.

★★★★★ I’m Very Pleased I Bought This Scanner!

I’m so glad I bought this scanner. I have so far scanned about 150 films so that’s heading towards 5000 scans and this scanner had been working just fine. Don’t waste money on a cheap scanner; you only want to do this once so spend the extra and do the job properly! Get a decent scanner like this one!

★★★★★ Wonderful Quality Scans

I am scanning the archives of a professional photographer with this scanner and I am very pleased with it. The build of the OpticFilm 120 is excellent, and it comes with every format film holder you would ever need. I am very pleased with this versatile unit.

Review of OpticFilm 8200i SE, by Photographer Olli Thomson

“I photograph the world I find myself in. That world changes every two or three years so I’m always starting again, discovering somewhere new, evolving my photographic style. I am a photographer of places, most often urban spaces.”  This is how Olli Thomson describes himself.… Continue Reading “Review of OpticFilm 8200i SE, by Photographer Olli Thomson”

Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai is named as “The Best Photo Scanners” by PC Magazine for Years 2015 – 2018 in a Row

Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai film & slide scanner is named as “The Best Photo Scanners of 2018” by PC Magazine!  We are thrilled to receive this honor, because that is four years (2015 – 2018) in a row for Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai to receive… Continue Reading “Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai is named as “The Best Photo Scanners” by PC Magazine for Years 2015 – 2018 in a Row”

★★★★★ Excellent

I was really happy to discover a high quality 120 scanner after so many manufacturers left the market. Very high quality optics, light source, carriers and overall build. The included Silverfast Ai full version is what makes this thing scream.

Competition: Enter to Win LAB-BOX (DIY Film Developing)!

Plustek is giving away 20 sets of LAB-BOX + 2 Modules (135 and 120) (value €109) to Plustek Connect global blog readers.  It’s free and easy to enter the competition.  Simply answer a question and complete your contact information.