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Google PhotoScan: Experience Retaking Old Photos

Google PhotoScan app claims to be a scanner from the future and lets your photos look better than ever. If you want to retake your old photos with your phone, Google PhotoScan app can be a good choice. You need some skills though. In this post DigiDaddy shares how he uses PhotoScan to do good retakes with step-by-step demonstration.

[Save Life Photos] Step 4: Retake or Scan Old Photos?

Guest Post from DigiDaddy When talking about digitizing old photos, there are a few options: Retake with a smart phone or digital camera Send it to a photography studio to digitize them for you Purchase a scanner and scan it yourself from home Before… Continue Reading “[Save Life Photos] Step 4: Retake or Scan Old Photos?”

[Save Life Photos] Step 3: Prepare Your Tools

“A craftsman is only as good as his tools.”

After picking your photo digitization method, it’s important to gather the right photo tools for the task. There are two tools to help you to the task right: One is a digitization tool, and the other is a cleaning and assistive tool.

Save Life Photos and Relive Every Moment Bit by Bit

Everybody has a lot of paper and digital photos, with each photo recording a life experience and feeling. Nobody wants poorly preserved photos, except most people don’t know how to properly organize and preserve these precious life assets.

Six Reasons Why You Should Digitize Photos and Films Right Now!

Photos faithfully record the traces of our lives along the way. Over time, our memories will begin to fade and blur. However, every time you look at your pictures you can relieve those life experiences and feelings. It can be said that photos really are our life’s treasures, but where do you put these precious treasures?

Powerful ePhoto UI Overview

ePhoto is very easy to use, simply drop the photo through and it gets scanned. However, if you’re a little bit picky about the image, ePhoto has built in a lot of powerful features for further editing. And if you want to share the photo file to popular social media, ePhoto can also do it!

Useful tips for ePhoto

Do you know what ePhoto Cabinet is?
And how to modify Resolution settings?

When Apple Photos Meets Plustek ePhoto

Apple Photos is a convenient photo management app that helps you to organize your photos and videos taken by your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. With iCloud Photos, you can even access your photos and videos from all of your devices. When you edit and organize images in the Photos app, your changes are kept up to date and visible everywhere. Apple Photos app helps to sort your photos and videos by people, places, and even create precious moment collections. Digital photos management is quick and easy.

But what about your old printed photos kept in the shoeboxes stored in somewhere of the garage? They are all priceless memories!