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Self Check-in Enables City Suites Hotels to Protect Guests’ Safety and Increase Customer Satisfaction

One of the effective measures of preventing COVID-19 spread is social distancing. Will you choose to check in a hotel via the counter service or a self-service kiosk, if you have to stay at a hotel for business or leisure travels? City Suites is… Continue Reading “Self Check-in Enables City Suites Hotels to Protect Guests’ Safety and Increase Customer Satisfaction”

Really want to go abroad~~~

Because of COVID-19, traveling abroad is completely impossible! Since you can’t leave the country, please take out your passport and scan it by yourself!!

Curb the Spread of the Coronavirus with Border Quarantine and Security

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID-19 is reported every day on TV and internet, but do you know how many people’s life got affected by coronavirus-related travel restrictions?

Plustek Typist takes away typing in hassles

When it comes to ID document recognition, we must introduce you the Typist software that is solely developed by Plustek.

Plustek Typist helps to extract driver’s license and passport data and automatically enter it into any web or data entry form with no typing. Furthermore, Plustek Typist need no integration nor programming, you don’t have to rebuild your system!

Plustek SecureScan exceeds your expectation

In addition to border control, what kinds of scenarios need verification of identity documents?

Healthcare Retail Stores Use X50 to Increase Work Productivity

Retail stores in cities with foreign visitors need to process member card registration, invoice bill and VAT refund bill procedure every day. Employees in these retail stores have to key in lots of foreign customer information such as name, address and country. ID card & Passport scanner X50 helps these stores to increase data accuracy, raise data entry rate, secure data transmitting process, speed up service procedure, and improve customer satisfaction.

Robotics in Banks

What comes to your mind when you see this title “Robotics in Banks”? The adorable humanoid robots that greet you in the lobby of banks in your language and urge you to select options of bank services? Actually robots interact with you more than… Continue Reading “Robotics in Banks”

Future of Banking – Video Teller Machine (VTM)

In the WCIT (World Congress on Information Technology, aka Olympics of the Technology sector) event held in Taipei last week, the CTBC Bank rolled out its new conceptual  “mobile branch” FinTech services.