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Photo Scanning Tips & Tricks

Digitize Old Paper Photos and Let Family Memories Continue

I feel touched by the enthusiasm of Save Your Photos initiative to preserve life’s irreplaceable photo and video collection, and felt urged to let my family’s memories continue, using the latest technology to digitally convert these photos.

However, I didn’t realize there are quite a few challenges until I started to turn the thoughts to action.

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Google PhotoScan: Experience Retaking Old Photos

Google PhotoScan app claims to be a scanner from the future and lets your photos look better than ever. If you want to retake your old photos with your phone, Google PhotoScan app can be a good choice. You need some skills though. In this post DigiDaddy shares how he uses PhotoScan to do good retakes with step-by-step demonstration.

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[Save Life Photos] Step 4: Retake or Scan Old Photos?

Guest Post from DigiDaddy When talking about digitizing old photos, there are a few options: Retake with a smart phone or digital camera Send it to a photography studio to digitize them for you Purchase a scanner and scan it yourself from home Before I began to digitize my old photos, I gathered and studied information…

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[Save Life Photos] Step 3: Prepare Your Tools

“A craftsman is only as good as his tools.”

After picking your photo digitization method, it’s important to gather the right photo tools for the task. There are two tools to help you to the task right: One is a digitization tool, and the other is a cleaning and assistive tool.

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[Save Life Photos] WBS Photo Organizing Tips

Preserving life photos is an ongoing project. In order to keep yourself happy and the work easy, you must have a plan, use the right tools, and the appropriate methods. Here are some tips I have learned from applying the WBS method in organizing my collection of family photos.

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[Save Life Photos] Step 2: Collect and Build Timelines

Can I begin scanning my photos? Not just yet. We must first complete one of the most important steps, that is, to gather all the photos, negatives, and digital images you can think of, then begin to build timelines.

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