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My scanned image is different from the original, what should I do?

When you find the color of the scanned image is very different from the color of the original document, the red is not red enough, the white is not true white. Or it seems like there are thin straight lines on the scanned image. Or the crop becomes inaccurate, and there is a black border on the scanned image. What to do??

★★★★★ Excellent Scanner for Artwork

James Schultz from TX – USA, is a part-time artist who has always loved drawing, and also works as an engineer for NASA. Purchased scanner for scanning realistic graphite pencil drawings. The scanner does a great job and the software is great for managing contrast, resolution, light, etc. The price of the scanner was reasonable for a CCD technology scanner which is required for scanning artwork.

Really want to go abroad~~~

Because of COVID-19, traveling abroad is completely impossible! Since you can’t leave the country, please take out your passport and scan it by yourself!!