SmartOffice PS186 User Stories

★★★★★ You Would Be Surprised How Good This Scanner Is

I’ve only have had this scanner few days. But I absolutely love it. It’s compact but it does job! I’m so happy that can finally organize all my papers in my house. It so worth to pay to have this little guy.

★★★★★ Great Scanner for the Price

I’m a lawyer and I send my paralegal to scan discovery documents at the opposing attorney’s office. Saves me tons of paper storage space, toner, folders, and paper. Small and compact, it fits in a typical backpack/rolling file box.

★★★★★ Flawless and Super Easy Performance in Scanning Documents

I am very happy with the performance, so far. I need a scanner for documents almost all black and white. Presets are easy to modify to your preference. You can set a particular folder to scan to, scan to file type, and dpi (100-600), etc. for each profile. That works great for me.

★★★★★ We Definitely Recommend for the SOHO

This Plustek can handle large stacks of paper (50shts at a time) and scans very quickly (2 seconds a page) at 200dpi/grayscale. We definitely recommend for the SOHO.

★★★★★ Easy to Setup, Easy to Run and Fast

Unlike so many other scanners I’ve owned, this one is simple to setup and operate. The software is clear and it is easy to set various profiles. It is speedy too.