SmartOffice PS286 Plus User Stories

★★★★★ Incredible Device!

Have had the unit about ten days and have scanned well over 100,000 documents! Disposed of about six crates of paper and am still going. Easy to use and switch from single to duplex, color, grey or black and white. Very rarely am I this impressed with new gadgets…This is a workhorse.

★★★★★ Great Value for the Money!!

It was almost as easy as plug and play. For the person who is not a techie, it was a rather easy installation. It goes real well if you follow the directions. I would highly recommend it to others. It is fast and quiet.

★★★★★ A Great Addition to My Office

I decided to go completely digital in 2015. I scan and file every piece of paper that comes through my office doors, both for business and personal. The Plustek desktop allows me do this in a third of the time that it used to take me with my flatbed scanner.

★★★★★ Excellent Product So Far

I purchased the scanner to put all the documents into the computer that were needed for a refinance. It handled one- and two-sided documents, check stubs, licenses, … anything I needed to scan, and it is very fast.

★★★★★ Little Workhorse

This is the second time I’ve purchased this little scanner. I was with a company that I ordered this scanner for my desk and when I left the company, the new employer did not have a scanner for the desk so I suggested this one based on my satisfaction with it.