OpticBook A300 Plus User Stories

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We have a scan lab at the Maine State Library that includes a range of different technology for digitizing various types of media. The Plustek fills an important niche for us, however, and I’d strongly recommend it for anyone looking to digitize bound materials at a fraction of the cost of buying a full blown book scanner. We use it a lot and have been pleased with the results. The Plustek allows scanning right to the front edge of the scanner. That allows you to scan one full page of a book or a magazine right up to the gutter without any distortion or shadow from the book gutter. The bed size is large enough that you scan scan pages up to 11×17 in size. The Plustek is portable and costs a fraction of the what it cost us to purchase the book scanner. We’ve also found that the Plustek does a much better job of getting page images of tightly bound (perfect bound or fastback bound) books that we need to image because we are able to get a nice scan without having to force the page spread completely flat. There are a lot of entry level book scanners that claim a good page spread from overhead scanning – I’ve yet to see any that provide image quality like what we get from the Plustek. If you want a relatively inexpensive way to get into book scanning and want good results, this is a smart purchase.

– from Adam on B&H Photo Video website

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