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The scans I’m getting from the Plustek Opticfilm 120 are sharper, and the SilverFast Ai Studio 8 driver is working very well. I have been scanning my Hasselblad negs at 2650 dpi resolution with the Plustek, so the scans I’m getting with the new scanner are slightly smaller, though still plenty big for a 24×24 print at 300 dpi. I have made some scans at 5300 resolution on the Plustek, which makes for a file size over 300MB in size, and they look great, too. The film holders are nicely made, easy to load, and seem to keep the film nice and flat, and scan speed is much faster.

– from Ken on B&H Photo Video


I use this scanner to make high resolution scans of film-based originals, both negatives and chromes, in a variety of formats, but mainly 35mm and 120 -size. I scan individual exposures, and rarely do batch scanning. I am a fine art photographer and produce exhibition grade prints on large format printers (one with a maximum width of 44-inches and the other a 17-inch printer) capable of very high resolution.

This scanner is equipped with seven holders, two for 35mm (strips and slides), and five for 120 (6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7, 6×8/9, and 6×12), mainly for the greater efficiency of handling different sized images and controlled through the bundled software.

The software supplied is the generally excellent Silverfast Ai Studio, which is accompanied by an IT8 calibration target for ensuring color accuracy. It should be noted that although the software is bundled, it is customized for this specific scanner by Silverfast in conjunction with the Plustek engineers. Silverfast software for scanning is considered among the best (I’ve used it for three other models, from two different manufacturers) and is priced, separately, on a premium basis.

The initial results with this scanner, testing a wide range of images in a variety of materials, some images as old as 45 years, indicate that it is a superlative instrument. It’s a pleasure to use and produces results better than any in my experience in my own studio.

– from HD Studio on B&H Photo Video


I am scanning the archives of a professional photographer with this scanner and I am very pleased with it. The software it comes with, Silverfast 8, is powerful and can make every correction imaginable, including automatic dust and scratch removal which is a real timesaver. It took me a couple of days to learn how to use it, but after that learning curve I am able to work efficiently with the scanner. The build of the OpticFilm 120 is excellent, and it comes with every format film holder you would ever need. I have scanned 35mm negatives and color slides, and 120 negatives and color transparencies. I am very pleased with this versatile unit.

– from Craig in Alabama on B&H Photo Video


I was really happy to discover a high quality 120 scanner after so many manufacturers left the market. Very high quality optics, light source, carriers and overall build. The included Silverfast Ai full version is what makes this thing scream. Ai does have a learning curve to get the most out if it but certainly far less than PS. If you are serious about scanning your film (b&w, color neg & transparency) and you have 120 that needs to be scanned this is the way to go.

– from TonyK on B&H Photo Video


I have used the Plustek OpticFilm 120 for color negative, mounted slides and B&W in 35mm, 645 and 6×7 formats. The image quality at its highest resolution (5300 dpi) is superior. Scan speeds are considerably faster. The film holders are very well constructed. The adjustable frame holders are a good innovation and even enabled me to hold and scan unusual film formats such as 110 and 620. The dual scan mode which is intended to increase the dynamic range of the scan, especially to open up shadow detail, worked very well. The ability of the infra red scratch and blemish removal tool to clean up damaged negatives was impressive. Overall, the product has more than met my expectations for high quality film scans.

– from Bob on B&H Photo Video


The OpticFilm 120 comes with Silverfast software. Results were very gratifying from the start scanning 645 and 35mm transparencies. The scanning procedure was straightforward, and the results were very good with accurate color. Very little adjustment was required when I brought the images into Photoshop.

– from Barney on B&H Photo Video


Things are working out nicely with my new equipment. My original scanner is 12 years old. It is better constructed and comes with 7 trays vs. the three I had. It runs quieter, faster and has a smaller footprint. The new unit came with SilverFast. It is very much improved and does more than I need. The only advise I have is that people be ready for a gradual learning curve with the SilverFast application. If you are comfortable with other scanning software then you will have an easier time. The Plustek is very well built. Figuring out the resolution, and magnification settings will take some time, but once you find what you want just save the frame set. I have no issue with the fixed focus of this machine. There is no need to adjust it if your scans are from un-mounted film strips. I scan 120 film strips exclusively. All of my scans are sharp.

– from LEHMAN M. on Adorama Camera

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