ePhoto Z300 User Stories

★★★★★ Quick and Simple!

This is a great scanner for those of us who want to get rid of photo albums and keep everything in a digital format. The install was fast and easy to implement. I have recommended this scanner to several friends–I should get a commission!

★★★★★ Tough Job Made Easy !!

Scanner arrived on time and in great condition. Calibration was a snap, and I scanned one photo right away to check. It came out fast and perfect. A few days later I scanned 386 photos in no time and the came out perfectly. I am thrilled with this product. I have many more photos to scan and happily, it’s not going to be the daunting task that I had feared.

★★★★★ Great for Digitizing Old Prints!

Incredibly fast scanning at 300 resolution setting and in my visual comparisons of scans of new prints on a 24″ HD computer screen, the results at 300 look at least as good. This is the first scanner my wife has declared easy enough for her to handle on her own the very first time she sat down at it.

★★★★★ Easy and Fast to Setup and Use

I am blown away at how good it is would d be an understatement. It comes with excellent self install software. I would estimate within 10mins I had scanned over 100 images it’s amazing. You have to feed one at a time but it’s so fast by the time I taken one away the next ones down.

Digitize Old Paper Photos and Let Family Memories Continue

I feel touched by the enthusiasm of Save Your Photos initiative to preserve life’s irreplaceable photo and video collection, and felt urged to let my family’s memories continue, using the latest technology to digitally convert these photos.

However, I didn’t realize there are quite a few challenges until I started to turn the thoughts to action.


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